New Here

  • I've already introduced myself on the intros forum, but thought I'd put up a brief post here too. 

    Just a shoutout to people to say hi, feel free to message me as I'm looking forward to meeting new people, making connections and all that jazz. 

    As I've said, I'm very happy to be here as to me modelling is, and should be, about self expression and artistic form. Sadly I think too much mainstream modelling is about creating an image of what people are *meant* to find attractive and that's obviously not how desire in a relationship, or indeed a 'ooh I've just seen a picture of an aesthetically pleasing human form' way, is meant to work. After all, aesthetic does not automatically mean 'beautiful or handsome according to convential standards'. It can do, but the point of aesthetic is that it is something that is pleasing to the senses (particularly sight) and this can come in many different shapes and forms for a wide variety of people. 

    On a not unrelated note and possibly food for thought but more just an observation, as a tarot card reader, aesthetic features heavily in my work. This is because, as the Ancient Greeks thought so aptly, there is no distinction between aestheticism and the divine. In that way, something that you are drawn to because there are qualities in it you find fascinating etc, is because it resonates with you in some way on a spiritual level. Likewise of coourse, when I choose tarot cards to work with, part of it is to do with the imagery or aesthetic. If I'm drawn to the imagery I know the energy is right for me to work with.

    My point is, the reason alt modelling is so great, is we can work on defining beauty etc in new and more individual ways. Following the logic that aesthetic relates to divinity, we all contain a spark of divinity and when we show that through, I believe that is what makes each person beautiful even beyond whether they have physical features that would considered attactive by most. :)

    I'll stop rambling now, but lovely to meet you all. :D :)