• So, I thought I'd dip a toe in waters close to - but just slightly - outside my comfort zone - at least there are still self-styled weirdos here; that's pretty much an essential requirement for getting me to new places! I currently work as a self-employed writer and public speaker, focusing on the concept of creative negativity, and have been thinking for a while about how to expand the remit of that... stumbled across this site, and thought "Hmm...photography...that could work..." I'm not your usual model subject, and try and avoid cameras - most of the photos I have of me, including my profile picture, were taken at my wedding last year (2015.) Hoping to remedy that sooner rather than later. I'm British, live in a fading coastal town some 30 miles from the city of Norwich, with my wife, 4 dogs, 3 rats, 2 cats, and 2 budgies. Looking for interesting people, friends, photographers, and new ideas.