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    I'm Kyashi, the independent owner and designer of the sub genre visual kei accessory brand, Mortuaria Kei. All of my creations are made completely by hand with persistence and close attention to detail. I hand stitch, chain, paint, and sculpt each and every piece of my work with close attention to detail. I do take requests from customers and will make accessories specifically designed and made personally for them to their liking.  My style may be considered Gothic or visual shock, but in a sense I believe it is it's own sub genre of the two. Mortuaria Kei is great for people who enjoy dressing in Visual Kei, Goth, and Punk fashion, It also can even be a good touch in making your own unique style. I want my brand to be available to as many people as possible, not just to wealthy people. I have seen people fuss over trying to afford expensive brands in order to feel they fit in or can be apart of a style, and I want to make sure my brand is available for those who are interested, which explains why I don't charge unreasonably high prices for my products. An additional note regarding how my brand is different from the more popular brands is, although I may have a few accessories made in bulk, most of my accessories are one of a kind and are not made in bulk. By having my accessories being original and not duplicated, the individuals wearing my accessories can have a unique addition to their style that absolutely no one else will have. With so many one of a kind accessories, the possibilities are endless and all yours.