Welcome to the New Site

  • Hello and welcome to the new Antipretty Alternative Modeling Directory. We're just getting started. If you're an existing member (i.e. you've signed up before June 2014 to be a member) simply let me ( admin ) know and we'll get you some old-school user rewards. 

    If you're confused as to what it's all about - shh that's normal - calm down. 

    It's like facebook, yes like facebook, but JUST for alternative modeling, photographers, hair & makeup experts and fans. So this network is just to help you get recognized and to get gigs in the modeling community. We're going to help you with a series of updates to use this new section to it's fullest. To get photoshoots, get featured, get published, and get your model on :) 

    See you on the flipside, 


    Adam / Antipretty